083132 1112 H1 BF7001 MODEL 8, series 550 127cc, 3.5hp
106232 0129 H1 YY7001 MODEL 10, series 750 163cc, 4.5hp
083132-0117B1 BF 7001 3.5hp taper, w/o tank
130G32 0014 H1 CC7001 M13, 6.5hp Keyway recoil
12H337 0132 B8  6.5hp/205cc vanguard keyway, recoil and Electric start, 20amp alt. oil alert
20S232-0036F1 H1001 10hp/305cc keyshaft, recoil start with fuel tank and muffler
25T232 0112 H1 BR7001 Series 2100, 13HP/ 420cc Recoil start keyway shaft, CI sleeve
25T237 0142 H1 BR7001 series 2100, 13HP/ 420cc elect and recoil start. Keyway CI sleeve
205337 1185 H1 H7001 10hp/ 305cc intek electric start with tank and muffler
245437 0006 H1 BB1001 13hp vanguard with elec & recoil start, fuel tank and muffler  
305447 0117 B1 T1001 vanguard V-twin 16hp elec & recoil start. 25.4mm dia keyway shaft 3600 rpm, without fuel tank and muffler
356447 0374 F1 K1001 vanguard v-twin 18hp, 570cc cast iron sleeve, recoil and elec start. Without tank and muffler. 34kgs.
386447 0181 B1 K1001 Vanguard v-Twin 23hp, 627cc, cast iron, keyway shaft 3600rpm electric & recoil start. Without tank and muffler. 35kgs
613477 2188 B1 AH1001 35hp vanguard V-twin 20A elec start, taper shaft 3150 rpm, without tank and muffler