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Under Ha-Ko Group, We also have range of Small Petrol Engines starting from 2 to 40HP portable & light in weight. Association with Briggs & Stratton Started from the Year 2002 as authorised India Distributor. Having dedicated manpower for sales & marketing and technical service engineers to support our Customers and OEM in Indian market. Ha-Ko has expertise in working closely with OEMS and Dealers in development of petrol Engine market, where over these years we have established the Briggs and stratton Brand name in India having range of products in Firefighting, Agriculture, industrial, defense, power generators etc. Ha-Ko also has wide range of GENER HK Engines & product range that are powered by HKEngines, from water pumps, generator, lawn mower, rideon tractor, cricket pitch rollers etc, Offering Bare engines in replacement market….

About Briggs & Stratton – engines produces some of the world’s most reliable lawn power engines and small engines. For over 100 years, we have manufactured engines that are durable, reliable and just easy to use and maintain. Every year, 3,000 employees build over 10 million small engines right here in America. Those are just some of the reasons why 8 out of 10 lawn mower brands choose to utilize Briggs & Stratton engines to power their lawn tractors and push mowers . Shouldn’t you choose a Briggs & Stratton engine? Visit our Engine 101 section to find out how to select and care for a push lawn mower engine or a riding lawn mower engine. (above info copied from B&S website)

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